Clementine will remember that.

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Superyogs Height Chart

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I’m gonna sleep this off.

Sorry for all this stupid shit.
I might not be online for a while.



Anonymous said: I understand. I don't expect you to trust me. Right now I'm a stranger to you and I get that. But please.. You can't leave. It's too soon. You have a whole life full of happiness ahead of you, you just need to hang in there.. I know you can't see it but one day you will. I don't care if I have to stay up all night sending anon after anon.. I want to help you.. I need to help you.. Because you are a good person underneath it all. I know you are. Everyone is. I love you.

I have a funny feeling I know who you are by how you write.
But please.. friend.. I cant go back and I just want freedom from that..


Anonymous said: I know.. I know. Sorry. I can't bring myself to go off anon.. Incase you'd hate me or something.. I don't know.. Just trust me.. Life is worth living. It may not seem like it now, I 100% get that, but it is in the end. Trust me.

Ive been stabbed in the back so many times Ive forgotten what trust fucking is.
How can I trust a stranger?


Anonymous said: I'm sorry.. Just.. Please.. I can't cope with this. I don't know what I'd do without you.. You mean so much to me man

I dont even know who you are.


Anonymous said: I'm sorry I just can't deal with more people leaving. I NEED you. You don't understand.. I just need you okay.. Please.. :'(


Anonymous said: you might think no-one will care if you disappear, if you're gone. that's not true. there is so many of us that this will affect. haunt us. hurt us. because we love you. because you're not alone. stop fucking thinking no-one gives a shit about you, because that is so fucking damn stupid. don't hurt yourself please, because you're hurting other people as well

Im selfish.
For once.

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